Yang Hu

Bioinformatics Analyst

Epithelial plasticity can generate multi-lineage phenotypes in human and murine bladder cancers: 
Single-cell transcriptome analyses of mouse and human model systems of bladder cancer. It reveals that tumor initiation and cellular plasticity can initiate from multiple lineage subtypes.
Lineage reversion drives WNT independence in intestinal cancer: Single-cell RNAseq data analysis of intestinal epithelial cells in WNT independence colorectal Organoid.
Single-cell profiling reveals an endothelium-mediated immunomodulatory pathway in the eye choroid: Single-cell profiling reveals the cellular and molecular landscape of adult RPE/choroid and uncovers a Hedgehog-regulated choroidal immunomodulatory signaling circuit.



NIH/NCI (1R01CA222517-01A1);
Stand Up to Cancer Colorectal Cancer Dream Team Translational Research Grant (SU2CAACR-DT22-17);
Starr Cancer Consortium grant I11-0040.
National Institutes of Health grants EY08538 and GM34107 (E. Rodriguez-Boulan)
1R01CA194547, 1U24CA210989, and P50CA211024 (O. Elemento)

Weill Cornell Medicine Elemento Lab 413 E 69th St., Room 1404 New York, NY 10021 Phone: (646) 962-7604