Andrew Marderstein

Graduate Student, Tri-I CBM

Immune Infiltration: Infiltrating immune cells are prognostic of cancer progression and a tumor's response to treatment. By using computational approaches in genomic and transcriptomic datasets, I am evaluating immune infiltration across healthy and cancerous tissues in the human body and searching for the major factors that drive individuals' differences.

Genetic Interactions: The interplay between genes and environment in human disease remains unclear. I am identifying interactions between genetic factors, lifestyle factors, and medications using massive biobank datasets, with an interest in individualized genetic prediction and modifiable risk factors.

Awards / Honors 
Charles J. Epstein Trainee Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Research (Semi-Finalist), American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2019

“F1000 Outstanding Presentation Prize” for best poster, New York Academy of Sciences: Translating Genetics into Medicine Conference
Genomic Scholars Program, Cornell Center for Vertebrate Genomics (1-Year funding)
Awards / Honors 
Keystone Symposia NHGRI Scholarship, Beyond a Million Genomes: From Discovery to Precision Health conference
B.S., Cornell University

Weill Cornell Medicine Elemento Lab 413 E 69th St., Room 1404 New York, NY 10021 Phone: (646) 962-7604